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Terms & Conditions

Please see below general terms and conditions of work to be performed.

Arkansas Engine & Automotive (AEA)

General Terms and Conditions of Work to be Performed

1. AEA will provide a long block assembly which includes; short block assembly, head or heads, oil pump kit, engine gasket set, motor oil and filter.  Parts used in the remanufacture of the long block assembly may be new, used or reconditioned as deemed by the remanufacturer or AEA.  Remanufactured long block assemblies do not include: oil pan, valve covers, carburetor, fuel injection, turbo chargers, computers, external pumps, belts, hoses, ignition parts, sensors, cooling system parts, transmission parts, intake, radiator, manifolds, electrical systems or any other part not included in the definition of the long block assembly above.
AEA cannot determine the extent of damaged external or internal parts of the engine without the removal or dismantling of same.  Therefore, if after such inspection there is, in AEA�s judgment, one or more parts defective to such a degree that could or would adversely affect the performance of the engine repair, AEA shall not continue work until the consumer is notified of the need for additional parts or service.
Replacement engines provided by AEA are based on the long block exchange in the customer�s vehicle which must be rebuildable or acceptable to the remanufacturer or AEA or a core charge will be applied depending on year, make, and model of vehicle.  Customer's block, cylinder head, or crankshaft which are not acceptable will not be credited for exchange; exchange is based on the engine core removed from the vehicle only.  Requests for core returns must be made in writing in a timely manner and may involve additional charges.
AEA will not be liable for normal damage to any worn part or parts which may occur while removing or dismantling the engine.
If needed repairs are declined by the consumer, a schedule of charges will be applied as follows:
Tow truck service - $75.00 or more based on distance and vehicles type.
Removing and dismantling the engine and inspection - $500.00 most vehicles.  (The engine can be reassembled for an additional fee of $500.00 or more plus gaskets, fluids and non-reusable parts.)
Cost of the engine plus shipping (where applicable) regarding custom built, used engines, or special order parts.  Cores will not be returned on custom builds; however, the customer may purchase the custom remanufactured engine without installation.
Environmental waste removal charges are non-refundable.
A $25.00 per day storage charge will be applied during the period the vehicle has been at AEA�s facility.
f.  A
10-30% restocking fee on any engine or parts where applicable by the supplier.
Engine shipping costs where applicable.
The �estimated� time to complete repairs is 5-10 working days (Monday-Friday), custom engines and some import engines may take longer.  Lack of parts availability or parts approval delays may extend the time required to complete repairs.  Availability of rebuildable cores, shipping delays, strikes, acts of God, or war may extend completion time.  AEA does not provide loaner or rental cars.
A minimum fee of $95.00 will be applied to work order in which the air condition system must be disconnected and recharged (vehicles with dual units will require an additional charge.)
All repair work will be payable in cash, credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express), certified cashier checks, or bonded bank check.  ONLY CERTIFIED FUNDS ARE ACCEPTED FOR FINAL PAYMENT.  We reserve the right to require cash payment at any time.
Five (5) days after notification by AEA to the consumer of completed repairs or five (5) days after the customer instructs AEA to discontinue repairs, a daily storage fee of $25.00 per day will be applied until such time vehicle is removed from AEA premises.
Vehicle must be claimed within thirty (30) days from date of completion.  A Mechanic�s Lien or Abandoned Car report will be filed and the vehicle will be disposed of as per state requirements.
Due to the nature of repairs, some work, original or warranty, may be sublet at AEA�s choosing.
AEA will not be liable for damage, theft, or vandalism of a vehicle at any time, inclusive but not limited to:
h.   Hail, wind, fire, flooding or any other act of God.
Customer is to process all claims resulting in a loss with customer�s insurance carrier.
When performing work on customer's vehicles equipped with computer(s), carburetor, fuel injection, or turbo charger, AEA will assume no responsibility for the function or malfunction of such components, or damage to the engine supplied by AEA resulting from such component failure.
An environmental fee of $37.50 will be applied to each work order where oil, antifreeze, or oil filter result in waste by-products.
Phone quotes on remanufactured engines are estimates only and do not include roller lifters, sales tax, other fees or parts that may be needed to complete repairs.  Estimates include the long block assembly (see #1 above), a tune-up kit including spark plugs (up to $25.00 value), thermostat, spark plug wires (up to a $30.00 value), motor oil, oil filter, and air filter, a limited warranty on the engine, towing on most vehicles up to $75 value, and labor on engine installation.  Phone quotes on pre-owned engines include a pre-owned replacement engine, installation labor, a limited warranty and towing on most vehicles up to $50 value.
AEA does not accept and will not install or warranty customer provided parts or cores.
A shop supply fee of $20.00 will be added to all engine installations and warranty service requests.
AEA is not responsible for the repair of pre-existing electrical problems, turbos, superchargers, inoperable gauges, alarm, or fueling problems.
19. R
oller lifters are not included in AEA engine pricing and should they be required, are available at additional cost.  Should roller lifters be required the consumer may elect to reuse the original lifters, have original lifters rebuilt, or purchase rebuilt or new lifters.
At AEA�s option, one or more deposit payments may be required to start or continue requested repairs.
The above terms and conditions shall remain applicable throughout the term of AEA's issued warranty.
AEA does not do engine diagnostics (prior to installation), to determine if an engine needs replacing.  The decision to replace an engine is therefore made entirely by the customer.
A "Basket Case" fee will be applied when a vehicle is received by AEA in any disassembled condition.
In the event a dispute arises between AEA and its customer, both parties agree that prior to seeking such remedies as may be provided in a court of law, the parties will first seek a resolution to the conflict through binding arbitration.  This binding arbitration is to be provided by the office of the Better Business Bureau where available, or by an authorized dispute resolution service.  Should legal council be retained for any reason, the parties agree that each will be responsible for its own legal fees and expenses.
The customer acknowledges that only those conditions and warranties provided by AEA and signed by himself are to be applied.  AEA employees are not authorized to change, alter or modify AEA�s conditions or warranties.  No other expressed or implied conditions or warranties apply.